Our solutions

What shall we eat tomorrow ? How shall we feed everyone on earth ? What kind of values shall LPNs share in the future ? Here are some of the keys issues that are at the core of our line of thinking.
Our NBread-Process team works on a small scale in our territories and examines more global solutions to implement in France. It also starts developing on a global level.
They share strong common values whose ambition aims at providing industry agribusinesses with its solutions to both social and societal issues.

Our current trend solutions !

Within our Nbread team, our aim is, first and foremost, to get to know and understand and, thus, implement the natural properties of the raw food materials received. This approach makes it possible not to use any chemical additive. What’s the price for it ? Exclusive Colors and natural flavors. Besides, the process can also be applied with organic products. The transforming process does not require any gluten and it can suitably be vegan.

An eco-responsible solution !

From early on, the values ​​brought by our Nbread™ team have led us sketch out outlines for the valorization of raw food materials departing from the usual norms of the production and the supply chain; they are enventually defined as CoProducts.
For the most part, he deposits of ugly raw materials, whether overripe or out of caliber, can locally be transformed. Our societal approach brings us closer to producers, operators and local actors in a short circuit logic approach towards consumers. Nbread™ productions will operate in the heart of the territories thus allowing to create jobs, to bring closer producers and consumers and to limit the waste expenditure due to transportation costs.

A snacking solution !

Have a piece of carrot, of a pear, or of a tomato in a single snack ! This is what the Nbread Process bets on to facilitate and renew the various uses.
Recipes, portions and forms are different and can thus respond to small craves, snacks, and other happy moments of meal restoration for consumers.
Textures are available from fondant to mellow, from crispy to crunchy.
Come and see for yourself ! And try out the inimitable taste …

A “differentiating” solution!

The Nbread-Process™ technology has been secured by several internationally acknowledged- patents. Our customers can thus benefit from a guarantee of quality, from the know-how and protection against competitors. The Recipes have been developed from simple and reassuring raw materials that are themselves co-developed with upstream or downstream actors in the agri-food and health nutrition sectors.

An obvious innovative solution as such !

The products made up from the Nbread ™ technology are available in salty and sweet environments, in intermediate or finished products. The flexibility of the process makes it possible to adapt the finished products to the market and to respond to the customers’ demand, and make a stand on new trends.

A healthy balanced and gourmet solution to experience the true taste of food !

The Nbread™ recipes do not contain any additives. The products are a natural and simple way to experience again the original tastes of fresh products. The reassuring textures can be available in a range from fondant to crispy. Natural raw materials used in high proportion are preserved in order to display all their taste and their natural benefits. Don’t be ashamed to try them out freely…