Our products resulting from the same process are alveolar and comparable to bread. They can be sweet or savoury, with a soft or crispy texture. The main ingredients in our recipes are very diverse, ranging from fruit to vegetables and from meat to seafood.

The aim is to offer a new eating experience without compromising on taste.


The finished products can either be made organic or conventional, as well as gluten-free and additive-free.




Beetroot sponge cake

Our soft genoises, made with 70% of vegetables, are declined in shape and flavour to make anything like club-sandwiches and toasts.

Soft carrot and orange macaroon

Our sweet and soft genoise are made of fruit and vegetables. They are available in different shapes and flavours to make unique desserts or to be eaten on their own.





Crackers courgette-rosemary

Our savoury crackers are made with vegetables and spices. Their shapes and recipes allow for a wide variety of possibilities, ranging from crackers to rusks, from croutons to biscuits.

Pear and cocoa oatmeal toast.

Our toasts are naturally sweetened by the fruit they are made of. They are adapted in shape and flavour to be eaten at any time of the day.

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