The assets of NBread's technology


Nbread is a French company specialized in the development and transfer of its patented technology of honeycombed food product.

The technical and product innovation of the Nbread Process will enable you to consolidate your competitive advantages in complete security.

With its know-how, its specialized and responsive team will be able to assist you in defining and responding to your need.


Nbread has been working during 6 years for a healthy and delicious food world. We are very proud to be able to combine innovation with an eco-responsible approach.



The patented process divided into 5 steps:

1 - Grinding and mixing of the raw materials.

2 - Pressurization and gasification.

3 - Low temperature cooking.

4 - Cutting and shaping.

5 - The drying stage completes the process.


Our products range from soft to crispy and from sweet to savoury. They can be made with a high content of raw materials, especially fruits and vegetables. This property gives them an intense taste and better nutritional properties. The technology preserves and amplifies the natural flavours and colours of the vegetables.


Our production area

The industrial pilot

The Nbread industrial pilot is designed to allow for versatility of use between mass production and
test production. The variability of the technological conditions allows the machine to be adapted to
the product target.

Packaging area

The equipment integrated on the site includes a horizontal flow wrapper compatible with different
media and film formats, with or without a specific atmosphere. A vertical bagging machine will
complete the contract packaging service.

Research laboratory

The analysis and testing equipment coupled with software designed and dedicated to our activity,
allow us to carry out various qualification operations on raw materials and finished products.

Experimental space

In connection with the analysis laboratory, the experimental stages are carried out using our grindingmachines and our prototype. The bench space allows several experiments to be conducted in